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Afghanistan current local time

Afghanistan local time

Afghanistan hour
Time zone : Asia/Kabul
  • Country : Afghanistan
  • Capital : Kabul
  • Population : 29,121,286
  • Country code (Iso) : AF / AFG
  • Dialing code : +93 / 0093
  • Currency : Afghani

Afghanistan country

Afghanistan is a country located on Asia. The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul, where the time zone is Asia/Kabul and the zone name is Afghanistan Time (AFT). The population of Afghanistan is 29,121,286 inhabitants for an area of ​​647,500 km2.

The languages ​​spoken in Afghanistan are : Afghan Persian or Dari (official) 50%, Pashto (official) 35%, Turkic languages (primarily Uzbek and Turkmen) 11%, 30 minor languages (primarily Balochi and Pashai) 4%, much bilingualism, but Dari functions as the lingua franca.

The currency of Afghanistan is the Afghani and the internet extenstion (tld) is the .af. To call to Afghanistan you must first enter the dialing code 0093 or +93. The GDP of Afghanistan is 21 billion dollars, which is about an average per capita GDP of 709 dollars.

Afghanistan time zone

Time ZoneAsia/Kabul
Zone nameAfghanistan Time
Standard time zoneUTC/GMT +04:30 hour
DST (Daylight Saving Time)+04:30 hour
(in use :

Afghanistan currency

Currency codeAFN
Currency nameAfghani
Currency num code971

Afghanistan postal code format (Postal code)

Postal format9999
Postal namePostal code

Afghanistan administratives levels

Administrative nameAdmin levelAdmin name (english) number
Wilayats Admin level 1Provinces34
Wolaswalei Admin level 2Districts400

About Afghanistan

Continent : Asia
Time zone : Asia/Kabul
Population : 29,121,286
Total area : 647,500 km2
Capital : Kabul

Languages :

  • Afghan Persian or Dari (official) 50%
  • Pashto (official) 35%
  • Turkic languages (primarily Uzbek and Turkmen) 11%
  • 30 minor languages (primarily Balochi and Pashai) 4%
  • much bilingualism
  • but Dari functions as the lingua franca

Currency : Afghani
Internet Tld : .af
Dialing code : +93
Internet hosts : 223
Internet users : 1,000,000 (3.43 %)
Mobile phones in circulation : 18,000,000
Gross domestic product (GDP) : 21 billion dollars
GDP per capita : 709 dollars

first administrative level

NameAdministrative codePopulation


Kabul closest airports

Kabul International AirportKabul6 km
Bagram Air BaseBagram47 km
Jalalabad Airport123 km
Konduz Airport239 km
Mazar I Sharif Airport301 km
Maimana Airport430 km
Kandahar Airport458 km
Herat Airport639 km

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