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Hong Kong current local time

Hong Kong local time

Hong Kong hour
Time zone : Asia/Hong_Kong
  • Country : Hong Kong
  • Capital : Hong Kong
  • Population : 6,898,686
  • Country code (Iso) : HK / HKG
  • Dialing code : +852 / 00852
  • Currency : Dollar

Weather in Hong Kong

few clouds
  • Temperatures : 29/29°C
  • Wind : 2.6 km/h
  • Pressure : 1009 hPa
  • Air humidity : 74 %
  • Cloud cover : 20 %
  • Sunrise : 00 h 11
  • Sunset : 12 h 20
  • Daylight hours : 12 h 08

Hong Kong country

Hong Kong is a country located on Asia. The capital of Hong Kong is Hong Kong, where the time zone is Asia/Hong_Kong and the zone name is Hong Kong Time (HKT). The population of Hong Kong is 6,898,686 inhabitants for an area of ​​1,092 km2.

The languages ​​spoken in Hong Kong are : Cantonese (official) 89.5%, English (official) 3.5%, Putonghua (Mandarin) 1.4%, other Chinese dialects 4%, other 1.6% (2011 est.).

The currency of Hong Kong is the Dollar and the internet extenstion (tld) is the .hk. To call to Hong Kong you must first enter the dialing code 00852 or +852. The GDP of Hong Kong is 272 billion dollars, which is about an average per capita GDP of 39,442 dollars.

Hong Kong time zone

Time ZoneAsia/Hong_Kong
Zone nameHong Kong Time
Standard time zoneUTC/GMT +08:00 hour
DST (Daylight Saving Time)+08:00 hour
(in use :

Hong Kong currency

Currency codeHKD
Currency nameHong Kong Dollar
Currency num code344

Hong Kong postal code format ()

Postal format-
Postal name

Hong Kong administratives levels

Administrative nameAdmin levelAdmin name (english) number
Sub-regions Admin level 1Sub-regions3

About Hong Kong

Continent : Asia
Time zone : Asia/Hong_Kong
Population : 6,898,686
Total area : 1,092 km2
Capital : Hong Kong

Languages :

  • Cantonese (official) 89.5%
  • English (official) 3.5%
  • Putonghua (Mandarin) 1.4%
  • other Chinese dialects 4%
  • other 1.6% (2011 est.)

Currency : Dollar
Internet Tld : .hk
Dialing code : +852
Internet hosts : 870,041
Internet users : 4,873,000 (70.64 %)
Mobile phones in circulation : 16,403,000
Gross domestic product (GDP) : 272 billion dollars
GDP per capita : 39,442 dollars

Hong Kong7,012,738
Tsuen Wan288,728
Yuen Long Kau Hui141,900
Sha Tin21,559
Tuen Mun16,940
Tai Po16,302
Sai Kung11,927
Yung Shue Wan6,000
Sok Kwu Wan2,100
Tai O2,000
Shek O Village200
Yung Shue Long0
Yung Shue Ha0
Yung Shue Au0
Yung Shue Au0
Lung Kwu Sheung Tan0
Yuen Tun Ha0
Yuen Tun0
Yuen Ng Fan0
Yuen Long San Hui0
Yuen Long0
Yuen Leng0
Yuen Kong San Tsuen0
Yuen Kong0
Yuen Chau Kok0
Yue Kwong Chuen0
Yue Kok0
Yiu Tsz Kin0
Yi Pei Chun0
Yi Pak0
Yi O San Tsuen0
Yi O Kau Tsuen0
Yi O Hau0
Yin Ngam0
Yin Kong0
Ying Pun Ha0
Ying Pun0
Yim Tso Ha0
Yim Tin0
Yim Liu Ha0
Yi Chuen0
Yeung Uk Tsuen0
Yeung Uk Tsuen0
Yeung Siu Hang0
Yau Yue Wan0
Yau Yat Tsuen0
Yau Uk Tsuen0
Yau Tong0
Yau Ma Tei0
Yau Ma Po0
Yau Ma Hom0
Yau Kom Tau0
Yau Kom Tau Village0
Yan Shau Wai0
Yam Tsai0
Yam O0
Wu Uk0
Wu Shek Kok0
Wu Nga Lok Yeung0
Wu Lei Tau0
Wu Lei Kiu0
Wu Kau Tang0
Wu Chau Tong0
Wo Yi Hop0
Wo Tong Kong0
Wo Tin0
Wo Sheung Tun0
Wo Sheung Au0
Wo Shang Wai0
Wong Yue Tan0
Wong Yi Chau0
Wong Uk Tsuen0
Wong Uk0
Wong Uk0
Wong Tai Sin0
Wong Nai Uk0
Wong Nai Tun0
Wong Nai Tau0
Wong Nai Fai0
Wong Mo Ying0
Wong Mau Kok0
Wong Lung Hang0
Wong Keng Tsai0
Wong Keng Tei0
Wong Ka Wai0
Wong Ka Wai0
Wong Kung Tin0
Wong Fung Leng0
Wong Chuk Yeung0
Wong Chuk Yeung0
Wong Chuk Wan0
Wong Chuk Tsuen0
Wong Chuk Shan0
Wong Chuk Long0
Wong Chuk Hang San Wai0
Wong Chuk Hang Kau Wai0
Wong Chuk Hang0
Wo Mei0
Wo Liu Hang0
Wo Liu0
Wo Liu0
Wo Liu0
Wo Keng Shan0
Wo Hop Shek0
Wo Hang Tai Long0
Ha Wo Che0
Wing Ping Tsuen0
Wing Ning Wai0
Wing Ning Tsuen0
Wing Ning Lei0
Wing Lung Wai0
Wing Ling Tsuen0
Wan Tsai0
Wan Tau Tong0
Wan Tau Kok0
Wang Tong0
Wang Toi Shan0
Wang Tau Hom0
Wang Shan Keuk San Tsuen0
Wang Shan Keuk0
Wang Long0
Wang Leng Tau0
Wang Hang0
Wang Che0
Wan Chai0
Wa Mei Shan0
Wai Tsai0
Wai Tau Tsuen0
Wai Ha0
Wah Fu0
Upper Keung Shan0
Uk Tau0
Uk Cheung0
Tung Wan Tau0
Tung Wan0
Tung Tsz0
Tung Tau Tsuen0
Tung Tau Tsuen0
Tung Tau Tsuen0
Tung Tau Tsuen0
Tung Shing Lei0
Tung Shan Ha0
Tung Sam Kei0
Tung O0
Tung O0
Causeway Bay0
Tung Lo Wan0
Tung Kok Wai0
Tung Hing0
Tung Chan Wai0
Tuk Mei Chung0
Tuen Tsz Wai0
Tuen Mun San Hui0
Tuen Mun Kau Hui0
Tsz Wan Shan0
Tsz Tong Tsuen0
Tsz Tong Tsuen0
Tsz Tin Tsuen0
Tsung Yuen Ha0
Tsung Yuen0
Tsung Tsai Yuen0
Tsung Tau Ha0
Tsung Pak Long0
Tso Wo Hang0
Tso Wan0
Tso Tui Ha0
Tso Kung Tam0
Tsok Pok Hang0
Tsoi Yuen Tsuen0
Tsoi Yuen Kok0
Tsiu Wo0
Tsiu Lung0
Tsiu Lam0
Tsiu Keng Pang Uk0
Tsiu Keng Lo Wai0
Tsiu Hang Hau0
Tsiu Hang0
Tsiu Hang0
Tsiu Hang0
Tsin Yue Wan0
Repulse Bay0
Tsin Shui Ma Tau0
Tsing Yi Town0
Tsing Shan Tsuen0
Tsing Lung Tsuen0
Tsing Lung Tau0
Tsing Leng Tsui0
Tsing Fai Tong0
Tsing Chuen Wai0
Tsing Chuen Wai0
Tsing Chau Wan0
Tsing Chau Tsai0
Tsim Sha Tsui0
Tseung Kwan O0
Tseung Kong Wai0
Tseng Tau Wai0
Tseng Tau San Tsuen0
Tseng Tau0
Tseng Lan Shue0
Tsat Sing Kong0
Tsang Tai Uk0
Tsang Tsui0
Tsam Chuk Wan0
Tsak Yue Wu0
To Yuen Wai0
To Yuen Tung0
To Tei Wan0
To Tau0
To Shek0
Tong Yan San Tsuen0
Tong To0
Tong Tau Po0
Tong Min Tsuen0
Tong Kung Leng0
Tong Kai Tseng0
Tong Hang0
Tong Fuk0
Tong Fong Tsuen0
Tong Fong0
To Kwa Wan0
To Kwa Peng0
To Fung Shan0
Tiu Keng Leng0
Tit Kim Hang0
Tit Hang0
Tin Wan0
Tin Shui Wai0
Tin Sam0
Tin Sam0
Tin Sam0
Tin Sam0
Tin Liu Tsuen0
Tin Liu Ha0
Tin Liu0
Tin Liu0
Tin Liu0
Tin Liu0
Tin Ha Wan0
Ting Kok0
Ting Kau0
Tin Fu Tsai0
Tei Tong Tsui0
Tei Tong Tsai0
Ta Tit Yan0
Ta Shek Wu0
Tap Mun Shi0
Ta Pang Po0
Tan Shan Tsuen0
Tanner Hill Estate0
Tan Kwai Tsuen0
Tan Ka Wan0
Tan Chuk Hang Lo Wai0
Tan Chuk Hang0
Tan Cheung0
Tam Wat0
Tam Kon Shan0
Tam Kon Chau0
Tak Yuet Lau0
Tai Wo Ping0
Tai Wong Sheung0
Tai Wong Ha0
Tai Wo Hau Estate0
Tai Wo0
Tai Wan To0
Tai Wan Tau0
Tai Wan San Tsuen0
Tai Wan Kau Tsuen0
Tai Wan0
Tai Wan0
Tai Wan0
Tai Wai0
Tai Wai0
Tai Uk Wai0
Tai Tung Wo Liu0
Tai Tung0
Tai Tsing Chau0
Tai Tseng Wai0
Tai Tong0
Tai Tei Tong0
Tai Tau Leng0
Tai Tan0
Tai Tam0
Tai Shui Hang0
Tai Shui Hang0
Tai She Wan0
Tai Shek Hau0
Tai Shang Wai0
Tai Po Tsai0
Tai Po Tsai0
Tai Po Tin0
Tai Po Tau Lo Wai0
Tai Po Tau0
Tai Po Mei0
Tai Po Kau San Wai0
Tai Po Kau Lo Wai0
Tai Po Kau0
Tai Ping Shan0
Tai Peng0
Tai Peng0

Hong Kong first administrative level

NameAdministrative codePopulation
Central and Western DistrictHCW251,519 inhabitants
EasternHEA587,690 inhabitants
Islands DistrictNIS140,188 inhabitants
Kowloon CityKKC362,501 inhabitants
Kwai TsingNKT523,300 inhabitants
Kwon TongKKT587,423 inhabitants
NorthNNO280,730 inhabitants
Sai Kung DistrictNSK406,442 inhabitants
Sha TinNST630,273 inhabitants
Sham Shui PoKSS365,540 inhabitants
SouthernHSO275,162 inhabitants
Tai Po DistrictNTP293,542 inhabitants
Tsuen Wan DistrictNTW288,728 inhabitants
Tuen MunNTM502,035 inhabitants
Wan ChaiHWC155,196 inhabitants
Wong Tai SinKWT423,521 inhabitants
Yau Tsim MongKYT280,548 inhabitants
Yuen Long DistrictNYL534,192 inhabitants

Hong Kong map

Hong Kong closest airports

Shek Kong Air BaseHong Kong19 km
Chek Lap Kok International AirportHong Kong25 km

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