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Roadmap Luohe (Henan Sheng), to Xi’an (Shaanxi)

Distance from Luohe (Henan Sheng), to Xi’an (Shaanxi)

Luohe is a city located in Henan Sheng and his population is 417,356 inhabitants. Xi’an is located in Shaanxi and his population is 6,501,190 inhabitants.

The distance from Luohe to Xi’an is 476.9 km in a straight line.

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By car, the distance is about , for a travel duration of . The cost Fuel is around for a diesel vehicle and around for a gasoline vehicle. By bike the distance is for a duration of .

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Distances from Luohe to largest cities

Distance from Luohe to Shanghai Roadmap Luohe - Shanghai 463 miles
745 km
Distance from Luohe to Tianjin Roadmap Luohe - Tianjin 423 miles
681 km
Distance from Luohe to Guangzhou Roadmap Luohe - Guangzhou 725 miles
1,166 km
Distance from Luohe to Shenzhen Roadmap Luohe - Shenzhen 763 miles
1,227 km
Distance from Luohe to Wuhan Roadmap Luohe - Wuhan 207 miles
333 km
Distance from Luohe to Dongguan Roadmap Luohe - Dongguan 728 miles
1,172 km
Distance from Luohe to Chongqing Roadmap Luohe - Chongqing 521 miles
838 km
Distance from Luohe to Chengdu Roadmap Luohe - Chengdu 617 miles
993 km
Distance from Luohe to Nanjing Roadmap Luohe - Nanjing 295 miles
474 km
Distance from Luohe to Nanchong Roadmap Luohe - Nanchong 503 miles
810 km
Distance from Luohe to Xi’an Roadmap Luohe - Xi’an 297 miles
478 km
Distance from Luohe to Shenyang Roadmap Luohe - Shenyang 766 miles
1,232 km
Distance from Luohe to Hangzhou Roadmap Luohe - Hangzhou 425 miles
684 km
Distance from Luohe to Harbin Roadmap Luohe - Harbin 1,075 miles
1,729 km
Distance from Luohe to Suzhou Roadmap Luohe - Suzhou 414 miles
666 km
Distance from Luohe to Shantou Roadmap Luohe - Shantou 724 miles
1,166 km
Distance from Luohe to Jinan Roadmap Luohe - Jinan 272 miles
438 km
Distance from Luohe to Zhengzhou Roadmap Luohe - Zhengzhou 85 miles
137 km
Distance from Luohe to Changchun Roadmap Luohe - Changchun 936 miles
1,506 km
Distance from Luohe to Kunming Roadmap Luohe - Kunming 901 miles
1,450 km

Luohe local time

Time zone : Asia/Shanghai
  • Country : China
  • Capital : Beijing
  • Population : 417,356
  • Country code (Iso) : CN / CHN
  • Dialing code : +86 / 0086

Weather in Luohe

clear sky
  • Temperatures : 22/22°C
  • Wind : 3.96 km/h
  • Pressure : 1009.16 hPa
  • Air humidity : 90 %
  • Cloud cover : 8 %
  • Sunrise : 23 h 49
  • Sunset : 13 h 05
  • Daylight hours : 13 h 15

Places close to

Distance from Luohe to Songshansenlin Gongyuan 145 km
90 miles

Distances from Luohe to closest airports

Luyang Air Base107 km
66 miles
Zhengzhou Xinzheng International AirportZhengzhou107 km
67 miles
Kaifeng Air BaseKaifeng135 km
84 miles
Fuyang Xiguan AirportFuyang176 km
109 miles
Guangzhou MR Air BaseGuanghua255 km
158 miles
Jining Qufu AirportJining286 km
178 miles
Xiaogan Air Base292 km
181 miles
Xuzhou Jiulishan Air Base306 km
190 miles
Wuhan Tianhe International AirportWuhan311 km
193 miles
Bengbu AirportBengbu316 km
197 miles

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