Distance ‘Aqrah Al ‘Amārah

Roadmap ‘Aqrah (Nineveh), to Al ‘Amārah (Maysan)

Distance from ‘Aqrah (Nineveh), to Al ‘Amārah (Maysan)

‘Aqrah is a city located in Nineveh and his population is 23,000 inhabitants. Al ‘Amārah is located in Maysan and his population is 323,302 inhabitants.

The distance from ‘Aqrah to Al ‘Amārah is 623.2 km in a straight line.

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Distance by car
Duration by car
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Cost Fuel (Diesel)
Distance by bike
Duration by bike

By car, the distance is about , for a travel duration of . The cost Fuel is around for a diesel vehicle and around for a gasoline vehicle. By bike the distance is for a duration of .

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Distances from ‘Aqrah to largest cities

Distance from ‘Aqrah to Basrah Roadmap ‘Aqrah - Basrah 487 miles
783 km
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Mosul Roadmap ‘Aqrah - Mosul 52 miles
84 km
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Erbil Roadmap ‘Aqrah - Erbil 40 miles
65 km
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Abū Ghurayb Roadmap ‘Aqrah - Abū Ghurayb 240 miles
385 km
Distance from ‘Aqrah to As Sulaymānīyah Roadmap ‘Aqrah - As Sulaymānīyah 119 miles
192 km
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Kirkuk Roadmap ‘Aqrah - Kirkuk 94 miles
151 km
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Najaf Roadmap ‘Aqrah - Najaf 328 miles
529 km
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Karbala Roadmap ‘Aqrah - Karbala 287 miles
462 km
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Nasiriyah Roadmap ‘Aqrah - Nasiriyah 417 miles
671 km
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Al ‘Amārah Roadmap ‘Aqrah - Al ‘Amārah 388 miles
624 km
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Ad Dīwānīyah Roadmap ‘Aqrah - Ad Dīwānīyah 335 miles
539 km
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Al Kūt Roadmap ‘Aqrah - Al Kūt 314 miles
505 km
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Al Ḩillah Roadmap ‘Aqrah - Al Ḩillah 299 miles
481 km
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Dihok Roadmap ‘Aqrah - Dihok 51 miles
82 km
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Ramadi Roadmap ‘Aqrah - Ramadi 233 miles
376 km

‘Aqrah local time

Time zone : Asia/Baghdad
  • Country : Iraq
  • Capital : Baghdad
  • Population : 23,000
  • Country code (Iso) : IQ / IRQ
  • Dialing code : +964 / 00964

Weather in

  • Temperatures : 0/0°C
  • Wind : km/h
  • Pressure : hPa
  • Air humidity : %
  • Cloud cover : %
  • Sunrise : 01 h 00
  • Sunset : 01 h 00
  • Daylight hours : 00 h 00

Places close to

Distance from ‘Aqrah to Shaykh ‘Aysah 188 km
117 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Shammar Jarbah 215 km
133 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Rasm al Mityāḩah 157 km
97 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Daḩam 212 km
132 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Dabārghīyah 185 km
115 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Minţaqat ash Shalālāt 71 km
44 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to As Sarjikhānah 83 km
51 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Bāb aţ Ţawb 83 km
51 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to An Nabī Jirjīs 83 km
52 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Arḩaynah 89 km
56 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Abū Ḩujayrah 151 km
94 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Silo Afar 138 km
86 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Al Sina'ah al Shamaliyah 133 km
83 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Tall Umm Tubūk 155 km
96 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Tall Amjiljah 164 km
102 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Şawwān 132 km
82 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Rafīyah 144 km
89 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Tall Mīrk 123 km
76 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Kisik 115 km
72 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Khalān 36 km
23 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Tall Thurayyā 180 km
112 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Bāshī 36 km
22 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Pawbūlah 27 km
17 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to ‘Ayn Sharīd 119 km
74 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to ‘Ayn Ḩulwah Fawqānī 118 km
73 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to ‘Ayn Bayḑah 120 km
75 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Tall ‘Ayn al Lak 117 km
73 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Āl Bū Ḩamdān 102 km
63 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Muḩammad Rabbān 125 km
78 miles
Distance from ‘Aqrah to Tall Ḩamdī 118 km
73 miles

Distances from ‘Aqrah to closest airports

Erbil International AirportArbil59 km
36 miles
Mosul International AirportMosul84 km
52 miles
Qayyarah West AirportQayyarah130 km
81 miles
Tall Afar Army Air FieldTall Afar144 km
89 miles
Kirkuk Air BaseKirkuk149 km
93 miles
Tal Ashtah New Air Basehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tal_Ashtah_Air_Base182 km
113 miles
Sulaymaniyah International AirportSulaymaniyah185 km
115 miles
Sahl Sinjar Air Base186 km
116 miles
Tuz Khurmatu Air Base210 km
130 miles
Al Sahra Army Air FieldTikrit235 km
146 miles

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